An Incredible Contemporary,
Modern Art & Old Masters Art Gallery in Vancouver

Vancouver Fine Art Gallery presents one of the largest private collections of art in Vancouver BC.  Fine art originals by world renowned Contemporary, Old Masters , and Canadian Artists. Vancouver Fine Art Gallery’s art Collection, is well regarded by both novice and seasoned art collectors. And as art dealers since 1978.

Our Art Gallery locates at 2233 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC. Open 7 days a week

Contemporary Canadian artist Holly Bromley Live Painting

With over 50 years of combined art gallery experience, we are here not only share but also educate art enthusiasts, whether you are an established art collector, new to art collecting, interested in learning about art.

Art Gallery Art Rentals Vancouver Fine Art Gallery

Sourcing artwork, sometimes can be challenging for investors. So we are here to advise and acquire the pieces to meet their tastes and specifications. Vancouver Fine Art Gallery offers consulting services.

Davood Roostaei, Andy Warhol, Valeri Sokolovski exhibition in Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.

Clients who currently own, or who have had the fortune of inheriting artworks. Vancouver Fine Art Gallery will work with each client, to help them identify the origins of the artwork. And its value.

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