Vancouver Fine Art Gallery Custom Commission Work

Custom Commission Work for all art lovers want their home or office space to be a unique representation of their tastes and personality. To best achieve this goal, Vancouver Fine Art Gallery offers clients the opportunity to experience customized artwork to meet the precise vision of their preferences, style, and living space. 

With provided dimensions, design requirements, and prescribed subject matter, the highly qualified staff at Vancouver Fine Art Gallery can source the right piece or commission an artist to create the ideal focal point to transform a room from a blank canvas into something inspirational and extraordinary. The commissioned artists we select possess the talent to work within any creative medium and budget to help our clients to craft a space to perfectly suit their style and tastes.

Beneath the Surface by Holly Bromley

Mixed Media, 96 x 60 in | 200 x 153 cm 

Details of the painting.  Using quartz crystals, amethyst, stones, resin quartz, pearl mica, diamond dust, ink, glass, sand on wood panel. 

Painting hung on our customer’s lovely home in Montreal.

Duomo Di Firenze by Kamiar Gajoum – Private Collector in Calgary

Oil on Canvas, 40 x30 in | 102 x77 cm

Manchuria Lady by Cecilia Aisin-Gioro

Oil on Canvas, 45 x 35 in |115 x 89 cm

Portrait of Kimberly by Alexander Sheversky

Oil on Canvas, 48 x 36 in | 122 x 92 cm