Priyaryan (SCULPTURES)

Priyaryan (SCULPTURES) the artist duo Priya and Aryan, compliment each other being together for 15 years, Priyaryan (SCULPTURES) collaborating in various art ventures from sketching to painting to sculptures have been a fun-filled journey for both of them
Priyaryan (SCULPTURES) the artist duo Priya and Aryan, compliment each other being together for 15 years, Priyaryan (SCULPTURES)  collaborating in various art ventures from sketching to painting to sculptures have been a fun-filled journey for both of them. Priyaryan (SCULPTURES)  artistic collaboration has resulted in creating sculptures that draw inspiration from human behavior and its impact on outer world. Their love for wildlife and its protection for future generations to come, led them to incorporate animals figures along side human, in their creation.

They loudly protest against animal killings through their art form. Their belief that nature can be saved only when man adopts greater knowledge, and transitions from being a mere “man” to being a “human”. They use their natural instinct to create art which boggles the viewer’s mind.

The duo have the same background in art and science education. They combine their knowledge of human body with art, to give out a meaningful creation which can beautify a living space as well as minds too.

Their knack for traveling extensively gives them ample opportunity to scan and research human mind and behavior. Their love for photography helps them capture relevant emotions, and body forms. They together work in compiling their body of thoughts to create an innovative form of sculptures which are quite contemporary and original.

The sculpture made by this duo are hand made and require an extensive knowledge of welding and hammering. Joining the bolts one by one requires a lot of patience and technique which these two have mastered over a period of time and intense practice.

Their aim to create luxurious looking sculptures can mesmerize any art lover. The motto is simple: LIVE and LET LIVE.

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live. Be a man before being an artist!” Auguste Rodin

There are unknown forces in nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she lends them to us; she shows us these forms, which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect. It just transforms us.

Human nature is a bundle of characteristics, which can be seen in our ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, which we humans carry naturally.

Aristotle for instance, defined man as a rational creature. Plato saw man as a drooling hunk of flesh encasing a soul, yearning for supernatural salvation.

Man and his nature has been seen through ages in various perspective, but they all draw a common ground i.e. Balance, which is an essence of survival.

The series of work presented here form a connection about human efforts to transform his immediate nature.

The artist presents naked human figures to portray man’s true form and attempts to combine this with ideas of human nature.

The collection motivates for a higher understanding of life. It wants us to shed material greediness which causes barrier between man and his nature and eventual suffering. The aim of man is to prepare the body to encompass greater knowledge, love and life. A life fulfilling and meaningful. Every work showcased, take us to a journey of greater joy achieved by adapting a balance between “man and his nature”.

Show-Off: A human body riding a Harley Davidson motor bike, depicts the material accomplishment a man aims for and works hard towards gaining it. But the eagle depicts our soul, which is free, unbound by any chains of society. It eventually, flies away very high, leaving behind all materialistic ties a man builds throughout his life. Quality of life is more important than the quantity.

Attitude: It is feeling of accomplishment achieved by doing good for others, rising above of our own desires. It helps us being more HUMAN.

The Book Climb: Books are man’s best friend, a friend who believes that knowledge leads to better judgement about ourselves and others and converting those thoughts into action to being in radical changes in our nature and society.

Why these sculptures are made from BOLTS?

The sculptures presented, showcase various dimensions of human nature, which reflect different characteristics in varied situations towards our nature. A bolts being six dimensional, deflect light in various directions, and the colour changes as per the colour of the light falling on it. It adapts like human nature. It is a perfect material used in synonymous to US.

Bolts are hard and stable material, like a man who stands for its beliefs, values and greater good.

The Texture of bolts give the sculpture a unique look which makes the artwork stand out.

Its shiny white colour depicts the purity of thought and action of the artist, while creating these one of its kind artwork.
Priyaryan (SCULPTURES)


  • Show Off Contemporary Canadian Sculptor Eagle on Motorcycle Metal and Bronze sculpture

    Show Off

    Metal and Bronze Sculpture

    56 x 42 x 42 in | 142 x 107 x 107 cm

  • Contemporary Sculpture. Title: Balance.+Original+Sculpture.+27x14x31 by Priyaryan.


    Original Metal Sculpture
    27 x 14 x 31 in | 69 x 36 x 79 cm

  • Priyaryan.+Book+Climb.+Original+Sculpture.+27X22X90.

    Book Climb

    Metal Sculpture
    27  x 22 x 90 in | 69 x 56 x 229 cm

  • I Paint Original Sculpture 12in Contemporary Canadian Sculptor Priyaryan

    I Paint

    Metal Sculpture
    17.5 x 7 in | 44 x 18 cm

  • Contemporary Canadian Sculptor Priyaryan Attitude Original Sculpture 13X9X34


    Metal Sculpture
    13 x 9 x 34 in | 33 x 23 x 86 cm

  • Contemporary Canadian Sculptor Priyrayan Golden Hands Original Metal Sculpture 16

    Golden Hands

    Metal & Bronze Sculpture

    16 in | 41 cm

  • Priyaryan.+Thinker.+Original+Sculpture.+12+Inches.


    Metal & Glass Sculpture
    12 In | 30 cm

  • Priyaryan.+Half+Man.+Original+Sculpture.+48+Inches

    Half Man – Front View

    Original Metal Sculpture
    48 Inches

  • Priyaryan.+Air.+Original+Sculpture.+30+Inches

    Air – Front View

    Original Metal Sculpture and Resin to the Metal and Bronze
    30 Inches

  • Priyaryan.+Twins.+Original+Sculpture.+24+Inches


    Original Metal Sculpture
    24 Inches