Anastasia Fedorova's exhibition in Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.

Anastasia Fedorova

We are proud to present Anastasia Fedorova; she is an established Ukrainian Canadian artist; she creates beautiful multilayer oil paintings using traditional impasto. The show is spectacular and is best appreciated in person.
Mon, 31 July 2023 6:00 PM
2233 Granville Street Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.
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Event Details

For Anastasia Fedorova, creating art means being present in the moment. My perception of this world is made through a direct experience of the immediate present. My goal is to return to the ultimate source, nature, and ourselves. Anastasia Fedorova believes that nature and natural forms are the pathways to contemplation and creation. All my paintings start from nature, where I try to transport the viewer to a better, sometimes idealized world. I see nature as a teacher who makes me investigate the environment’s shape, color, and ephemeral movements. By using a vibrant, colorful palette and thick, loaded brushstrokes, I emphasize the dynamism and movement in nature. I believe that beauty helps to educate our souls. On the other hand, horror and chaos destroy our spirit and prevent us from growing and developing. Therefore, the essential purpose of art is to make people feel better and help them become better versions of themselves.

Anastasia’s artwork is available at:

Anastasia Fedorova presented her artwork in the Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.

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