Cecilia Aisin-Gioro Exhibition

Cecilia Aisin-Gioro occupies a unique and pioneering role within the Aisin-Gioro family as the first and only oil painter. Currently on display in the gallery is her captivating collection, characterized by vibrant colours and intricate layers.
Wed, 31 July 2024 6:00 PM
2233 Granville Street Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Fine Art Gallery
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Event Details

Cecilia Aisin-Gioro Exhibition: vibrant colours and intricate layers characterize her recent works as she endeavours to forge her artistic path while departing from the influence of her renowned mentors. The initial visual impact of her majestic paintings exudes brightness and cheerfulness, but beneath the surface lies a potent undercurrent of profound sadness, invoking a sense of astonishment; her art also encapsulates the apprehension surrounding the erosion of the core identity of ancient culture and more. Cecilia masterfully extracts the brilliance of her cultural heritage and elevates it into something even more exquisite, thereby capturing the essence of a robust cultural and historical context.

Cecilia Aisin-Gioro’s artwork is available at:


Cecilia Aisin-Gioro_Shirley Thompson _Uncle Zeng_Group show 2024

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