Christine Reimer's exhibition in Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.

Christine Reimer

We are proud to represent Christine Reimer; she is an established Canadian abstract artist and had more than 40 solo exhibitions in the past three decades. Please view her artwork on our website.
Mon, 31 July 2023 6:00 PM
2233 Granville Street Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Fine Art Gallery
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Christine has lived on Canada’s awe-inspiring west coast, and her deep love of nature has infused her art with its hues, textures, forms, and vitality. Her work is noted for her bold use of color and vigorous brushwork, and over her journey as an artist, her work has evolved to express the life force and mysteries of nature in new ways.
That journey began with Christine’s art studies at the University of Victoria in the mid-1970s. She soon worked as a professional artist, bringing a fresh perspective to landscapes on the coast and beyond. Her range expanded from early gouache paintings to large acrylic works on canvas.

Christine’s artwork is available at:

Christine Reimer's exhibition Vancouver Fine Art Gallery

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