Kamiar Gajoum's exhibition in Vancouver Fine Art Gallery.

Kamiar Gajoum

Free Exhibition, Vancouver Impressionistic Artist, Kamiar Gajoum. He is presenting his new original collection, Cities of Romance. Influenced by techniques in Europe from a young age, Kamiar brings these techniques into his original works, presenting them to Canada and his collectors around the World.
Mon, 31 July 2023 6:00 PM
2233 Granville Street Vancouver, BC, Vancouver Fine Art Gallery
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Event Details

Kamiar Gajoum, at the age of 9, presented an internationally recognized oil painter with a poster painting of his work. This artist was impressed and realized that Kamiar had a skill level far ahead of his age.
As a figurative artist, Kamiar’s collection gives you a glimpse into the cities of romance worldwide by taking you into the atmosphere, amongst the people and fashion, and presenting your paintings with familiarity.


Kamiar Gajoum's Exhibition at the Vancouver Fine Art Gallery

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